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Identify the name, word, slogan, logo or design you want to register as a Federal Trademark.

Trademark Selection:
Some trademarks are strong, some trademarks are weak, and some marks cannot be registered or protected at all. Experienced Trademark Attorneys analyze your mark and let you know its strengths and weaknesses.

Before even starting a trademark search, our Trademark Attorneys evaluate your mark to determine if it complies with the stautory and other legal requirements for use and registration. This helps eliminate dead-end searches and saves you time and money. Our Trademark Attorneys also counsel you concerning whether the proposed mark is a strong mark or a weak mark subject to potential problems and obstacles.

Fact is, not every name, slogan, logo or design (mark) can be registered or protected as a Trademark. Federal Trademark Law places limitations and restrictions on what can be used or registered. The mark you choose must meet established legal criteria administered by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Our Trademark Attorneys help you from the start.

If a mark is problematic or doesn't meet the minimum legal requirements, our attorneys alert you and make recommendations to help cure defects and avoid problems. This helps eliminate wasted cost and expense incurred searching trademarks which may not be capable of being successfully used, registered or protected.

If the trademark you select meets the minimum legal criteria for use or registration, we will begin the full comprehensive trademark search. If it doesn't, we will help you find a solution.

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