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Five Important Truths About Trademarks
#1: Trademarks Are Valuable Assets

#2: Not All Trademarks Are Equal

#3: Not All Trademark Searches Are Equal

#4: WARNING - Trademark Law is Complex

#5: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

#1: Trademarks Are Valuable Assets

Trademarks are symbols of your company's good name, reputation, products and services. Trademark registration can entitle you to exclusive use of your chosen mark and prevent others from using your identical or similar marks.

At, we streamlined the Trademark Application Process to provide expedited and cost efficient trademark research and application processing for one low fee of $485.00 (plus required $325 USPTO filing fees) and includes the following:

  • Initial Attorney Consultation, analysis and Preliminary Trademark Investigation
  • Preliminary Trademark Research
  • Comprehensive State Trademark Search
  • Comprehensive Federal Search
  • Comprehensive Common Law Trademark Search
  • Trademark Attorney Analysis
  • Trademark Attorney Opinion
  • Trademark Attorney Application Preparation
  • Federal Filing;
  • Application Status Monitoring
  • All the above are performed by experienced Trademark Attorneys

As your most valuable business asset, a trademark can remain valid and in effect for an unlimited amount of time when properly maintained.

With so much at stake, be sure you place the responsibility of registering and protecting your trademark with a qualified Trademark Attorney. We are experienced trademark professionals licensed qualified to research, register, protect and maintain your mark.

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#2: Not all Trademarks Are Equal

Not all trademarks are equal because some trademarks are weak and some trademarks are strong. Weak trademarks such as common descriptive terms are generally entitled to a narrow scope of protection and sometimes may not be capable of registration. Weak marks are harder to protect and are generally more expensive to register and protect because of their problematic nature.

To avoid these dilemmas, from the very start our Trademark Attorneys counsel you in advance and alert you to potential problems or obstacles. We are proactive and provide legal advice and recommendations to help eliminate or remedy potential problems or weaknesses. Our experienced attorneys can even create, recommend and implement trademark strategies which can turn a weak mark into a strong mark capable of registration and protection.   

Strong trademarks on the other hand such as coined, arbitrary or fanciful terms are entitled to a broader scope of protection, and are generally less costly to obtain and maintain. From the beginning, the attorneys of work closely with you to help you develop a strong trademark and cost efficient registration and protection strategy.

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#3: Not All Trademark Searches Are Equal

Not all trademark searches are equal because sometimes people or services that perform trademark searches are not qualified or have little or no trademark experience.

Always know the qualifications and experience of the person that conducts your trademark search. Always know the qualifications and experience of the person that reviews and analyzes your trademark search. At all trademark searches are performed and analyzed by experienced Trademark Attorneys.

When conducted properly, a trademark search results in a comprehensive report consisting of detailed information relating to the name, slogan, logo or design you selected. This search will also include detailed information about names, logos, and designs that are similar in meaning, sound, look, pronunciation, connotation and/or commercial impression to your chosen mark. A quality trademark search from typically involves attorney review and analysis of more than a hundred pages of documentation.

Information that goes into a quality trademark search is obtained from multiple sources, which may include:

  • United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
  • United States Library of Congress Copyright Records
  • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Records
  • State and Local government records and filings
  • Internet and Domain Name Registrars
  • Multiple Internet Websites
  • Telephone directories
  • Business directories
  • Product catalogs
  • Trade journals
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Periodicals
  • Newsletters
  • Other publications and databases

Beware of trademark searches which are not in-depth, comprehensive, or are conducted by an anonymous person of unknown qualifications and credentials. Beware of unqualified persons or non attorneys analyzing your trademark search results or engaging in the unlicensed practice of law by throwing out trademark advice or making recomendations about registration. Businesses offering to register your trademark without a comprehensive search performed and analyzed by qualified and licesed Trademark Counsel should not be relied on or trusted.

The Trademark Attorneys at are well-established trademark search professionals. We have distinguished ourselves as both accurate and reliable. Our Trademark Attorneys provide trademark research and investigation we believe is among the best available.

A quality, in-depth and comprehensive trademark search and registration application preparation and filing by the Trademark Attorneys from costs only $485.00 (plus required $325.00 USPTO filing fee). The cost of repairing, dealing with or defending against infringement claims or situations where a trademark was not properly researched or registered can cost a hundred thousand dollars ($100,000+) or more. Given the potential consequences, a trademark search, application preparation and filing by reliable Trademark Attorneys is a wise choice.

It's simply more cost efficient to get a comprehensive trademark search and application preparation and filing from than to gamble with the consequences of a poor quality registration by services of unknown qualifications and credentials.

At, we focus on providing you with the most accurate and reliable information available, thus permitting you to make the best business decisions possible about your most important and most valuable business asset -- your trademark.

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#4: WARNING - Trademark Law is Complex

The internet is filled with misleading and inaccuurate information which creates the false impression that trademark law and registration is a simple fill in the blank application process which anybody can do, and where successful registration is guaranteed. This just isn't a true reality, but our fixed price and experienced Trademark Attorneys can simplify the process, provide realistic expectations, accurate information, sound legal advice and serve you better.

The truth is, trademark law is a highly complex field comprised of federal, state and international laws, treaties, administrative rules, administrative orders, and court decisions. It is critical that you have the accurate and reliable assistance of an experienced Trademark Attorney to help you navigate the nuances of laws affecting trademark registration and protection.

Many businesses fail to recognize the time consuming and complex nature of proerly obtaining a Federal Trademark Registration or protecting a mark in an efficient and cost effective manner. This misconception can lead to costly or unsuccessful registration attempts, potential liability for trademark infringement, business distractions and interruptions you can do without.

When attempting to protect something as valuable and important as your good name and reputation, we recommend you seek the sound legal advice and assistance of a Trademark Attorney. A Trademark Attorney experienced in the field of trademark law is best suited and qualified to provide the legal advice and protections you need.

While Trademark Law is complex, has simplified the registration process and offers you complete trademark research, application preparation and filing for one low cost of $485 plus the USPTO filing fee of $325.00.

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#5: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

The primary purpose of a trademark search is to determine if your name, slogan, logo or design is available for your use, registration and protection or already registered, or in use by someone else. Never trust this critical legal determination to anyone but an experienced Trademark Attorney.

To help protect you, conducts extensive legal research and investigation. We research a multitude of sources and databases and strive to ensure nothing is overlooked, and there will be no unpleasant surprises in your future. A quality trademark search includes in-depth, comprehensive research and investigation and is the best way to help make sure you have all the facts needed to make critical business decisions about registering and protecting your mark.

Being on the receiving end of cease and desist demands from attorneys, or cease and desist orders and injunctions issued by a state or federal court can be a costly and time consuming way to learn your discount document filing service failed to conduct a complete trademark search. Being forced to remove your product from the stream of commerce or changing packaging, labels, marketing materials, signage or letterhead can devastate a business.

A comprehensive trademark search by a qualified Trademark Attorney from is designed to provide accurate information and analysis, and establish a solid foundation for building your brand and business. To help save time and money and help avoid interruptions and distractions, you should only rely only on a qualified professional to conduct your research, analysis, and prepare, file and and prosecute your trademark registration application.

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