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Our Trademarking Service At a Glance

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Trademark Selection

Our legal research and analysis of your trademark starts before we even begin your Trademark Search. Not every mark can be registered or protected. First our Trademark Attorneys evaluate your selected mark to determine if it complies with established legal and other requirements. This helps eliminates dead-end searchs and saves you time and money.

Next we consult you if there's a problem with your selected mark or if it doesn't meet minimum legal requirements. We can then make recommendations that help resolve and avoid any problematic issues or obstacles. This approach increases the chances of registration success.

Trademark Research and Analysis

After your selected mark is determined to meet the basic legal requirements, we will conduct a full trademark search. All searches are done by experienced Trademark Attorneys. All data is compiled into a comprehensive report for attorney review and analysis. Based on the findings, our attorneys will again consult with you and provide a qualified legal opinion as to the scope and extent of your rights. At this point we develope and recommend a registration and protection strategy designed exclusively for your unique mark and fact pattern.

Trademark Application Preparation and Registration

Unless your registration and protection strategy calls for something different, our experienced Trademark Attorneys will prepare and file your Trademark Application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). All applications require a USPTO filing fee of $325.00, which will be charged to your credit card upon ordering the Registration Package.

Once filed, the USPTO will review your application and conduct its own detailed examination and analysis. The USPTO has strict legal requirements for application filings and processing. A mistake in the application process can result in immediate refusal or go undiscovered for years and create problems later on when you least expect it. To help avoid this, we beleieve it's always best to trust your application to the attorneys at who are well versed and experienced in Trademark Law.

Continuing Trademark Application Monitoring

After filing your application with the USPTO, closely monitors the application process. This helps assure timely and accurate USPTO processing and examination. Begining when the application is first filed with the USPTO, iIt takes approximately twelve (12) months for an application to mature into a registered trademark.

While monitoring all applications we file to eliminate possible USPTO errors or delays, expedites this process whenever possible. While we have limited control over the internal process of the USPTO, our Trademark Attorneys work closely with USPTO Examiners to ensure accurate and timely processing of your application.

USPTO Office Actions and Refusals

In most instances, the trademark registration and protection strategy is to prerpare and file an application designed to provide the broadest scope of protection with the greatest probability of being approved by the USPTO and maturing into a registration.

We do our best to prepare and file trademark applications we believe will be approved by the USPTO and mature into Registered Trademarks. Sometimes the USPTO may issue an Office Action or Refusal to Register. Some Office Actions or Refusals are anticipated and some are not. There are many possible reasons the USPTO may issue an Office Action or Refusal. We work closely with the USPTO to resolve Office Actions or Refusals. When Office Actions or Refusals arise, additional work may be needed to complete the registrationprocess. Our time and effort in responding to or resolving an Office Action or Refusal is not included in our flat fee Research, Application Preparation and Filing Package, and some additional fees to reimburse us for our additional time and expense may be appropriate.

In some instances we can respond to or resolve Office Actions or Refusals at no additional charge. For difficult or more problematic issues and depending on the nature and complexity of any additional work necessary to resolve an Office Action or Refusal, we may require payment of additional fees to reimburse us for our additional time and expense. Any additional work is billed at reasonable standard hourly rates approved by you in advance.

In the event of an Office Action or Refusal, we will always consult with you in advance to discuss the issues involved and any anticipated costs to respond to the Office Action or Refusal. In no event will you ever be responsible for additional fees unless you authorize and approve them in advance.

Throughout the registration process, we keep you informed of the status of your application. We encourage you to contact your Trademark Attorney to ask any questions at any time along the way.

Trademark Registration Certificatee

After the USPTO approves your application and completes the application process, the USPTO will issue a Certificate of Trademark Registration. This certificate is your official document, entitling you and your mar to protection under the trademark laws of the United States.



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